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Home Day is Poppin’

Volunteers come in to work early to help make popcorn for our monthly company-wide staff meeting. Popcorn is a tradition from when we held staff meeting in a local movie theater.

EpicWeb-Man: Hero of Healthcare!

The superhero of healthcare used to set up shop at HIMSS.

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April Fools’ Roundup

Take a look at some of our fun from years past

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Kuiper Web

Josh works on development for Kuiper, our web-based deployment tool. Kuiper, which rhymes with hyper, was named after the Dutch-American astronomer who helped determine the first moon landing sites. Josh was the lead developer for our new website.

Runnin’ Around Town

Epic project manager Brogan Austin recently competed in the Olympic Time Trials Marathon in Los Angeles. He finished with a time of 2:24, averaging 5 minutes and 30 seconds per mile.

ICYMI: April Fools’ Articles

Read articles from April Fool's Day.

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The Treehouse Conference Room

Nestled in a cluster of red pines and black cherry trees, Epic’s treehouse looks something like a kid’s hideout – with its reclaimed barnwood walls and rope bridge.

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Yoda’s Cave

When we first built the Yoda parking structure, contractors discovered a cave and paused construction to have professional spelunkers take a look around. What they found was an untouched cave with beautiful mineralization.