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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Healthcare is global, and building the best ideas from around the world into Epic software is a point of pride. Inclusive teams design software that supports the delivery of quality care for all patients, so diversity, equity, and inclusion are written into our principles.

Epic staff represent a variety of backgrounds, identities, and experiences, coming from more than 60 countries. We all come together to form one team, and anyone — regardless of race, ethnicity, ability status, gender identity, or sexual orientation — should feel welcome.

Our Software

We have the privilege and responsibility to positively impact patient care through supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives relating to healthcare delivery. Our software helps healthcare organizations provide inclusive and equitable care by offering tools to identify and address health disparities.

Health systems using Epic include large organizations, small Federally Qualified Health Centers, academic, and community organizations. Through collaboration, organizations work together to find the best ways to improve quality of life and support long-term health of those who are medically underserved.

Feature Spotlights

Perinatal Equity Dashboard

Obstetric clinicians can monitor key maternal access, quality, and outcome metrics stratified by race, ethnicity, and preferred language to help identify disparities.

Sex, Gender, and Names

To provide affirming and inclusive care, organizations can collect robust, discrete demographic and clinical sex, gender, and name information, working toward reducing health disparities for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Community Resource Network

Organizations can exchange community resource referrals with community-based organizations to address patients' social needs.

Addressing Foundational Needs

Doing good is a part of who we are. Epic staff give back to the community through our volunteering, company-wide drives, and annual donations to hundreds of non-profits. Together, we strive to reduce inequity by addressing foundational needs: healthcare, the Safety Net, and education.

Over the past 10 years,
Epic has donated more than $25 million through our charitable giving programs.

Epic's legal team volunteering with Second Harvest Foodbank
Epic's legal team volunteering with Second Harvest Foodbank

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) provide care to medically underserved populations, delivering care regardless of patients' ability to pay.

Since 2006 Epic has given around $56 million to FQHCs and Safety Net organizations.

Volunteering at The Beacon, a daytime resource center for people experiencing homelessness in the Dane County area
Volunteering at The Beacon, a daytime resource center for people experiencing homelessness in the Dane County area

Each year, a portion of Epic's charitable giving is determined by employees, who vote for their preferred charities from a list of organizations that focus on healthcare, housing, and education. In 2021, employees directed donations to hundreds of organizations, including more than 150 local organizations that support Dane County.

Working the concession stand to raise money for books and literacy with the Madison Reading Project
Working the concession stand to raise money for books and literacy with the Madison Reading Project

Community at Epic

At Epic, our core mission is improving healthcare: helping people get well, helping people stay well, and helping future generations be healthier. Nurturing a community that appreciates diversity is a part of that mission. To this end, Epic's Diversity Council coordinates strategic initiatives to support people of all backgrounds, including folks of every race, ethnicity, ability status, gender identity, and sexual orientation. The Council has five goals:

  • Support an equitable, inclusive, and welcoming work environment where all staff are able to do their best work.

  • Increase communication on current and future diversity, equity, and inclusion projects.

  • Maintain software that enables our community members to provide inclusive and equitable care, where the needs of the diverse patient populations are considered, and outcomes are improved.

  • Work together to identify and share opportunities for staff to increase community engagement relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Support recruitment of qualified staff with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Principles of Our Community

Additionally, the Principles of Our Community provide a framework for how each employee upholds Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace.

  • Treat all people with dignity and respect.

  • Uphold a workplace where everyone's contributions are welcomed.

  • Collaborate to address potential bias within and related to the software.

  • Ensure all staff have opportunities and support for growth.

  • Seek to recognize, understand, and appreciate the value of others' perspectives, backgrounds and experiences.

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a journey; examine your beliefs and assumptions and embrace a continuous learning mindset.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups foster community and strengthen relationships for the wellbeing of the company and all employees.

  • Disability at Epic Works to support Epic employees with disabilities through community and resource-building and internal accessibility projects meant to benefit all employees; open to all, regardless of ability status.

  • Employees of Color Fosters community by guiding and supporting one another through networking events, team building, and supporting racially inclusive spaces for People of Color at Epic.

  • LGBTQIA+ Supports and welcomes LGBTQIA+ employees through resource-sharing, open and welcoming events, discussions, education for all employees, and projects that work to better the workplace for all LGBTQIA+ people.

  • Parents Offers resources to employees who are or will become parents, supports a family-friendly workspace, and matches expecting parents with mentors to offer support as they transition to and from parental leave.

  • Veterans Creates a space where the needs of our veteran employees are understood and supported; disseminates information about veteran resources and benefits and promotes volunteer opportunities in the community.

  • Women in the Workplace Offers community and connection to women at Epic through mentorship, education, and identifying and discussing leadership opportunities.

Supporting Local, Diverse Businesses

Epic started as a small business and appreciates the role small businesses play in our region's job growth and continuing economic strength. Epic encourages and promotes equitable opportunities for small businesses and sources many of our products locally. Our Supplier Diversity review group aims to connect with minority-, women-, LGBTQIA+-, disability-, and veteran-owned businesses, to source high quality products while participating in the growth of our communities.

Epic Named Among Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion

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Epic is a Proud Member of

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