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  • Our First Computer

    When Epic first got started, we had a $70,000 loan from the bank for our first computer. The two 50 MB drives (each capable of holding 14 songs from iTunes) looked and sounded like washing machines. You couldn’t touch them without messing up the data, so everyone walked in a wide circle around them.

  • In Good Hands

    Epic is built by the people who work here, and to recognize that, plaster molds of their hands are put up on the walls on each person’s 10-year anniversary. The handprints represent our staff being part of the fabric of the walls, which hold up the buildings, which make up Epic. Hidden amongst the walls of hands you can find Vulcan salutes and children’s handprints.

Highlights from the Past

Understanding APIs

Check out this short video that explains what APIs are and how they are used.

Printing Living Human Body Parts

Scientists at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have printed living human body parts using live cells.

How This Teen Uses an iPhone to Manage His Diabetes

Using a continuous glucose monitor, a teen at Lucile Packard Children's manages his diabetes from his phone.