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Epic Launches Platform for Research and Collaboration

Epic Health Research Network is a journal for the 21st century, designed for rapid sharing of knowledge with researchers, healthcare professionals, and learners to help solve medical problems.

Electronic health record data collected over decades, spanning millions of patients, could provide clues to help solve medical problems.

We invite others to contribute as well, from health systems and higher learning institutions to government agencies.

Please join us at and contact with questions or ideas.

Helping You Fight COVID-19

COVID-19 software and services to support your fight against the pandemic at no cost

Across the world, you are fighting the pandemic in a number of ways. As your health systems struggle to care for an influx of patients, you're standing up new facilities or repurposing existing ones. Many of you have transformed the care you provide from in-person to virtual. You're using technology to prevent the spread of COVID-19 — from connecting doctors and patients virtually in the hospital, to monitoring patients as they recover at home. You're doing all of this while trying to keep your operations and technology running.

Some of you have asked us for additional software to help fight the virus. You have requested:

  • Telehealth — securely connect with patients wherever they are.
  • Bugsy Infection Control — trace infections to understand and prevent spread while protecting clinicians.
  • MyChart Bedside — communicate with isolated patients.
  • Remote Monitoring — check on patients without entering the room.
  • Secure Chat — communicate securely between providers.
  • Transfer Center — coordinate patient movement between facilities.
  • Willow Inventory — track PPE.
  • Rover — give nurses handheld charting.
  • Nurse Triage — support patient calls with protocol guidance for nurses.

If these are new applications you want to install to help you fight COVID-19, you may have the applications at no cost for license fee, implementation, and support while the pandemic lasts.

Many of you have told us that more patients are connecting with you virtually for care instead of coming in. We won't charge you for these new patient MyChart sign-ups during the pandemic.

The work you're doing is important and we're proud to support you.