Top 10 Cool Things of 2018

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1. Med Students Beef Up Healthcare for Farmworkers
Students bring care to migrant workers on dairy farms in New England


2. So Long, Saline?
Study shows link between saline IVs and severe kidney dysfunction


3. A Smarter Way to Take Your Meds?
‘Digital pills’ on the horizon to track adherence

One vaccine may reverse type 1 diabetes

4. One Vaccine Can Reverse Type 1 Diabetes
An 8-year study shows that one shot returns blood sugar to near normal levels

Left-handed treatments

5. Different Neural Treatments for Left-Handed People
Research into brain hemisphere development could alter a common mental health treatment

Green space

6. Plants in Public Spaces Can Reduce Depression Symptoms
If you’re feeling blue, try going somewhere green

Blood types

7. Not Your (Blood) Type? Maybe Not a Problem
Gut bacteria’s hidden talents could help when blood is in short supply

Transgender Health Clinic at Vanderbilt

8. Vanderbilt Opens First Transgender Health Clinic in the Southeastern U.S.
Helping overcome barriers to healthcare

Surgery remote-controlled cars

9. Kids Race to the Operating Room in Remote-Controlled Cars
Having fun on their way to surgery helps kids relax


10. Earning Your Medical Koala-fications
Medical students study other species to learn more about ours