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Stories & Snapshots

Starting the Climb to Computer Literacy

Software developers teach coworkers the basics of computer science in a welcoming format

Epic staff in any role are encouraged to improve their computer literacy, such as through University of Wisconsin computer science classes on Epic’s campus. But even for people with prior exposure to programming, a computer science class can feel like climbing a mountain.

To help coworkers get ready for the journey, a team of software developers and trainers volunteered to create “learnToCode,” Epic’s very own coding class. Once a week, Epic staff gather after work to learn and practice fundamental programming concepts in the C# language.

“I really enjoy seeing people ‘get it’ and then be able to apply their knowledge,” said Sean Allred, one of the software developers who teach the class. “Even a member of the culinary team has taken learnToCode and used their new skills to solve an organizational puzzle.”

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