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A Provider Happiness Pick-Me-Up

Baylor Scott & White Health helps physicians get the most out of Epic’s efficiency tools

Physicians at Baylor Scott & White Health in Texas are spending a half hour less each day on documentation and half as much time on patient messages. They can pat themselves on the back: provider-to-provider training and a successful series of online working sessions have brought Texas-sized efficiency improvements.

Trainers viewed Epic’s Provider Efficiency Profile to see where physicians could gain the most time and used a pre-training survey to target sessions toward the topics physicians really wanted help with. Physicians were paired with physician mentors who showed them productivity tips like using keyboard shortcuts, writing notes with a template, and keeping clinical information on hand while navigating the chart. Physicians also had access to online training sessions focused on areas identified by Signal, Epic’s provider efficiency tracking tool.

In post-training surveys, 99% of physicians said the sessions were helpful. Provider satisfaction steadily increased to its highest rating in several years after implementation of the efficiency training.

“I wish every single physician could have a session with [him],” said one physician about his mentor. Another said the program was “exactly what the doctor ordered.”

Epic community members can learn more about Baylor Scott & White’s success from their UGM presentation slides and audio.