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Epic Outcomes

Personalized Training Helps Providers Make it Home for Dinner

At-the-elbow support improves provider efficiency and satisfaction

When new providers start at NorthShore University Health System, they’re greeted by their own trainer rather than joining a group in the classroom to learn how to use Epic. The one-on-one approach is tailored to match different learning styles, technical capabilities, and clinician specialties. The goal of NorthShore’s “Home for Dinner” program, is to improve efficiency to help providers get through their day.

Classroom time for new physicians has decreased from 16 hours to zero, and physicians now complete just six hours of online classes in conjunction with their individualized, one-on-one training. Classroom time for nurses also significantly decreased and now includes at-the-elbow coaching. In addition to supporting new staff, NorthShore focuses on ensuring that existing staff have an opportunity to continually improve. Clinicians who excel at efficiency in Epic are paired with their peers to share ideas for streamlining their practice.

Survey results show that the effort to improve training for clinicians is paying off. 91% of NorthShore physicians reported that they’re satisfied with their training, and 98% of nurses provided a positive review, according to data gathered by KLAS.

“I recently had a one-on-one session to learn how to be more efficient with Epic and personalize my settings, and it has already made so many things faster and easier,” said NorthShore physician Madhavi Pola. “Now I’m excited when we get new updates so I can continue to improve and spend more quality time with my patients. I’m really glad we were encouraged to take the time to do this.”

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