Peace of Mind Through MyChart

Personalized symptom assessments on demand

We’ve all been there: the local clinic is closed, so instead of calling a provider for information about a medical symptom, an internet search is the next step. Rather than relying on various online sources for peace of mind, patients can now log in to MyChart. After completing a simple questionnaire, patients receive customized care guidance created and maintained by Mayo Clinic providers.

The assessment tool, Ask Mayo Clinic online, uses standardized algorithms to give patients targeted recommendations. “Ask Mayo Clinic online offers trusted and accessible care guidance when you need it—anytime, anywhere,” says Dr. Sandhya Pruthi, associate medical director of Mayo Clinic Global Business Solutions. “We are pleased to work with Epic on offering easy-to-access, self-service symptom assessment to patients.”

Read more about Ask Mayo Clinic online here, and Mayo’s educational content in MyChart here.