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Epic Outcomes

A Patient Portal to Comprehensive Health Information

Epic integrates Mayo Clinic’s health information into patient applications

A new partnership between Epic and Mayo Clinic puts the best health information just a click away for patients. Mayo’s evidence-based clinical information will be added to MyChart, so patients can find detailed, trustworthy information about their conditions within the patient portal.

For example, if the keyword “prediabetes” appears in a patient’s chart, Mayo Clinic’s prediabetes article is automatically embedded in MyChart. With just a click or a tap on their computers or mobile devices, patients can learn more about the condition, possible treatments, and what lifestyle changes they can make to prevent diabetes.

“Making Mayo Clinic’s world-class health knowledge available within MyChart and MyChart Bedside can help patients understand and better manage their health and well-being,” says Epic president Carl Dvorak. “We look forward to collaborating with Mayo Clinic on this and other innovations.”

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