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Epic Outcomes

10 Ways the Epic Community Saved Lives in 2019

Providers use our software to save lives every day. Here’s how.

Our community of providers has achieved so much in 2019.

They’ve saved lives every single day by conducting groundbreaking research, containing the outbreak of disease, and using machine learning to prevent adverse events. In these initiatives and many more, they’ve used Epic to make this work possible.

Read these 10 stories from 2019 to learn more about our community members’ tireless efforts to provide outstanding care for their patients.


Better Prescribing for Opioids with Epic
Ochsner Health System reduced opioid prescriptions by 26,000 and prevented emergency room overdose deaths using tools in Epic, as well as patient and provider education.


Combating the measles outbreak with Epic

Combating the Measles Outbreak with Epic
Mount Sinai notified doctors and nurses in Epic of unvaccinated patients living in an area with a known measles outbreak. Sutter Health screened patients for risk of measles using MyChart and took precautions to prevent the spread to other patients.


Sepsis and machine learning

Reducing Sepsis Mortality by 18% Using Machine Learning
North Oaks Health System used machine learning in Epic to find and treat patients at risk for sepsis 30 minutes sooner and reduce sepsis mortality by 18%.


Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

Using Epic to Uncover the Flint Water Crisis
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha visited Epic in 2019 to share her story about using Epic data to discover, and prove to city and state officials, that lead-poisoned water in Flint, MI, threatened the health of the city’s children.



Mastering the Art of the Handoff in Epic
Nebraska Medicine reduced their mortality index by nearly 25%, which translates to five lives saved, using standardized transfer documentation in Epic.


Postpartum help with Epic

Helping New Moms Stay Healthy Postpartum Using Epic
Sparrow Health System received the American Nurses Association of Michigan’s 2019 Innovation Award for their project to reduce postpartum morbidity and mortality that leaned on education in MyChart Bedside.


sepsis bundle epic

Stopping Sepsis, Saving Lives
WellSpan Health decreased mortality rates for sepsis across all of their hospitals, including a decrease of 33% at WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital, by using Epic to notify a centralized monitoring team of patients at risk of sepsis.



Remote Vital Monitoring in Epic Saves Lives
St. Luke’s University Health Network reduced sepsis mortality by 62% by showing physicians patient vitals on mobile devices using Epic, so they can respond quickly if there are signs of danger and avoid adverse events.


Lee Health Epic Sepsis

Reducing Sepsis Mortality by One-Fifth with Epic
Lee Health reduced mortality by 20% using a predictive model in Epic to identify patterns that indicate adult patients in the early stages of sepsis. Early detection is critical because risk of death increases 4% each hour a patient with sepsis goes without treatment.


Atrial Fibrillation Screening in Epic

Atrial Fibrillation Screening in Epic Saves Lives
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust used Epic to catch atrial fibrillation early and prevent strokes. They identified 393 new cases of AFib and prevented 16 potentially disabling strokes and 8 deaths.