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Three Ways to Connect with Epic from Anywhere

records exchanged this month

Connecting is key for providers who use Epic to share 100 million records per month - both with each other and with providers using other systems. If your organization uses a different electronic health record system or doesn't have an EHR, you can access and exchange patient records with the Epic community in the following ways.

Through your EHR

If you use an interoperable EHR, join Carequality, a network connecting EHRs around the U.S. In the same way you can call a friend who has a different phone carrier, Carequality helps healthcare providers exchange patient information across different EHRs that support national standards.

Get Started:
Work with your organization's EHR vendor to sign up for Carequality. Start exchanging records in days or weeks.

With a community partner that has Epic

If you don't have an interoperable EHR and you share patients with an organization that uses Epic, you can get secure access to patient data in Epic in the following ways:

The EpicCare Link web view gives you access to your patient's record at an organization using Epic. With Internet access, you can review the patient's chart, schedule appointments, place orders, communicate with the patient's care team, and more.

Get started:
Ask Epic organizations in your area for EpicCare Link access or contact us at

With the Community Connect program, an organization that uses Epic extends it to you so that Epic becomes your primary EHR. This partnership gives you the benefits of an EHR, including a patient portal and access to our national exchange network, without you having to host your own Epic system.

Get started:
Ask a local Epic health system about their Connect program or contact us at

From the patient

If you don't connect through an EHR, you can still see your patients' charts. Patients use Share Everywhere, a feature in MyChart, to provide outside caregivers with their health records using a web browser.

Get Started:
All you need is Internet access. If your patients have MyChart, they can click the Share Everywhere button to send you their records.