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Why We Do What We Do: Doing Good and Having Fun

Epic’s Anna Green fosters community at UGM and XGM

Rounding up farm animals, painting a photo booth, creating a DIY adult craft station—it’s all in a day’s work for Epic event planner Anna Green. She might not have the most typical day at the office, but Anna sees the impact her work has on healthcare by connecting Epic community members.

“Healthcare is so important, and healthcare conferences offer in-depth learning opportunities,” she said. “People are learning a lot and bringing back ideas to their organizations to help save lives. You become more creative and energized when you can also have fun and smile, and our goal is to create those moments at XGM and UGM.”

As an event planner at Epic, Anna combines her past experience supporting community members as part of Epic’s implementation team with a lifelong interest in the arts. Attention to detail and creativity help a small event coordination team create new experiences that build community while meeting the needs of attendees.

“We read every comment, whether it’s about food or theme or an idea to make the experience even better,” Anna said. “I love brainstorming how to make an idea happen with what we have on hand.”

Teamwork is a must for UGM and XGM, which Epic puts on with the help of all staff members from all roles.

“It’s a company-wide effort,” Anna said. “It’s really cool for folks to try something outside of their day-to-day and talk to lots of different people. Meanwhile, we know that staff members can help with anything from directions to questions about the software.”

The best part of Anna’s job, she said, is seeing attendees enjoying an event and learning from one another. “It’s great to walk around an event like UGM or XGM and see people be delighted and have a memorable experience.”

“At Epic, doing good and having fun is in our mission,” Anna said. “We know that you can do more good when you’re also having fun.”

“Why We Do What We Do” is a series of stories from Epic staff about how their work relates to their personal missions to help our community members serve their patients and transform healthcare delivery.