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VUMC Research Drives New Epic Tools for Delirium Prevention in the ICU

New protocol improves survival rates and decreases time spent in the ICU

Two-thirds of ICU patients suffer from delirium, which contributes to reduced patient compliance, an increased chance for injuries, and, ultimately, more time spent in the ICU. With new research from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and complementary tools in Epic, patients experience 15% fewer days with delirium, get off their ventilators an average of 3 days sooner, and overall have a 15% higher chance of survival for every 10% increase in use of these tools.

The new ICU Liberation Bundle clinical protocol focuses on areas such as pain management, spontaneous awakening and breathing trials, medication choice, delirium assessment, exercise, and family engagement to holistically treat ICU patients.

Clinical tools associated with the ICU Liberation Bundle are available to the entire Epic community in Epic’s Foundation System.

“This bundle allows us to take a holistic view of a patient in intensive care and deliver better outcomes overall by preventing delirium. Epic has played a vital role by streamlining the implementation of workflows that can save lives in the ICU,” said Dr. Wesley Ely, a critical care specialist at VUMC who spearheaded the development of the Bundle.

Learn more about VUMC’s work in this area in the VUMC Reporter. Epic community members can learn more about implementing the ICU Liberation Bundle in a webinar and on the UserWeb. Epic staff can install it as part of Epic’s Services.

Photo by Anne Rayner, Vanderbilt University Medical Center.