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More Time for Mom with Online Pregnancy Monitoring

Ochsner Health System reduced in-person routine obstetric visits by 30%

Expectant moms need consistent monitoring of their health and their babies’ health, but traveling to the clinic for routine check-ups can be inconvenient for pregnant mothers. Ochsner Health System’s Connected Maternity Online Monitoring (MOM) program uses remote monitoring to reduce the standard 12-14 prenatal visits to fewer than 10 for patients with low-risk pregnancies, which also frees up clinic time for patients with higher-risk pregnancies.

Patients in the Connected MOM program receive a kit with devices that capture prenatal data such as weight, blood pressure, and urine protein. They can send the data to their obstetricians through MyChart. Along with reminders to submit this data, Ochsner uses MyChart to provide expectant moms with helpful tips and information about their upcoming labor and delivery. Support continues after delivery—patients can use MyChart to find available Ochsner pediatricians, record any symptoms of postpartum depression, and see when their babies are due for vaccines.

Other Epic community members have implemented similar programs, like Mayo Clinic’s OB Nest program.

Ochsner Health System received a HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award for successes including their OB monitoring program. Epic community members can find more resources about improving care for OB patients on the UserWeb.