Starting Teen Health Conversations Using Epic

Gundersen Health System supports HPV-related cancer prevention by addressing vaccine concerns

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. Yet even though an effective CDC-recommended HPV vaccine is available, required follow-up visits and misconceptions about the vaccine can prevent teens from being vaccinated. Gundersen Health System helps remove these barriers by addressing common concerns and educating families on the benefits of the vaccine.

Gundersen clinicians can see information in Epic to share with parents or guardians about common misconceptions. Clinicians can add this information to the After Visit Summary for parents and remind front desk staff to schedule the patient’s next vaccine doses. Staff can then follow up with parents by reminder letter or MyChart message when patients are due for their next dose. Gundersen has also integrated with the Wisconsin State Immunization Registry, which allows clinicians to see when patients have received the vaccine at other organizations.

Epic community members can download this program here and have Epic staff install it as part of Epic’s Services.