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Epic Outcomes

Smell Smoke with Secondhand Screening

Prompt in Epic improves screening rates by pediatricians

Where there’s smoke, there’s health risk. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends screening children for secondhand smoke exposure and providing smoking cessation counseling for caregivers who smoke at every clinic visit.

Ochsner Health System studied the impact of reminders in Epic that prompt pediatricians to screen children for secondhand smoke exposure and provide cessation counseling resources as needed. Researchers compared a control group who did not have reminders to pediatricians who saw a presentation on the negative effects of secondhand smoke and had reminders appear in Epic. The researchers found that pediatricians who were prompted were eight times more likely to screen children and encourage smoking cessation for caregivers.

A simple reminder for pediatricians can help put out the smoke before it becomes a fire for children at risk.

Read the study in Clinical Pediatrics.