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Scorecards Reduce AR Days by Five Days

Ochsner Health System saves time and money with quality metrics

Staff save time throughout the revenue cycle when accurate information is collected at registration. Five months after updating registrars’ scorecards in Epic with quality scores to monitor accuracy, Ochsner Health System in Louisiana reduced average accounts receivable time by more than five days, cut registration time by 30 seconds per patient, and saved $240,000 in annual costs.

The user scorecard shows front-end staff how successfully they collect accurate information at registration. Staff also see where they can fix missing or mismatched data. Managers use the scorecards to keep track of users’ efficiency and distribute work among staff. With this increased transparency for financial metrics, Ochsner also reduced the number of errors on claims, saving managerial and staff time and reducing administrative costs.

“It’s great for registrars to see their quality assurance score on their dashboards, and it lets them challenge themselves to do better,” said Tanya Powell, director of patient access at Ochsner. “Supervisors can monitor their team’s productivity and quality assurance in real time as well.”

Epic community members can learn more from Ochsner’s UGM slides and audio or read more about their approach in their Financial Program on the UserWeb.