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Epic Outcomes

Reducing Unnecessary GI Tests with Epic

Reminders in Epic reduced unnecessary gastrointestinal pathogen panel tests by 46% at Nebraska Medicine

With a reminder in Epic, Nebraska Medicine reduced orders for unnecessary gastrointestinal pathogen panel tests by 46%, according to a study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology.

Gastrointestinal pathogen panel tests are used to test for a number of pathogens that could be causing a patient’s GI problems. This test is recommended only once during a patient’s admission, and only within the first three days of a hospital stay.

When clinicians attempt to order a GIPP test after the three-day window has passed or after a GIPP test has already been performed, the reminder in Epic notifies them that this is the case. To help clinicians make an informed decision, the reminder includes information about why the test isn’t recommended. After Nebraska Medicine implemented the reminder, only 5% of GIPP tests ordered were unnecessary, compared to over 20% that were unnecessary before they added the reminder.

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