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Epic Outcomes

Reducing Blood Product Use by a Third with Epic

Sparrow Health System makes it easy to choose the right amount

Sparrow Health System reduced red blood cell orders by 32% and platelet orders by 25% by guiding providers to the right order faster in Epic. That way, patients get the life-saving blood products they need without the potential waste and risk of unnecessary transfusions.

When a patient needs blood products, providers have a one-stop-shop. An order set in Epic based on best practices and clinical literature helps providers easily identify the right product and appropriate number of units. In an emergency, providers can order STAT infusions with one click.

The simple, evidence-based workflow guides clinicians while keeping them efficient, said Dr. Michael Zaroukian, CMIO and Chief Transformation Officer at Sparrow.

“In the past, physicians frequently ordered at least two units…’just in case,'” he said. But with emergency orders just a click away, clinicians are now comfortable ordering less blood in a non-emergent situation. “When they need [a STAT transfusion], it’s there.”

In addition to clinical improvements, Sparrow’s project saved thousands of hours of time over the past several years for blood bank staff and clinicians. Sparrow also saved millions of dollars in blood products, both by saving existing products for emergent situations and reducing their purchases of blood products to keep on hand. “These are significant savings worth making a significant investment in,” Dr. Zaroukian said.

Sparrow Health System received a HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award for their success in reducing blood product use. Read more at Healthcare IT News. Epic community members can learn about Sparrow’s project in the Success at Seven newsletter.