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Reducing Asthma Medication Costs by 74% with Research-Driven Care

Akron Children’s Hospital standardized patient care in the PICU with treatment plans in Epic

When Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio recognized that 35% of variable costs in the pediatric intensive care unit were related to tests, medications, or procedures, they wanted to ensure these interventions contributed to quality care.

One common medication for pediatric asthma, IB HFA, was one of the most expensive given in the PICU. However, research by Akron Children’s showed that the medication didn’t often improve patient outcomes. With a streamlined care plan in Epic, Akron Children’s standardized asthma care and reduced the use of the medication by 82%.

To help clinicians quickly find and place orders for medications that are more effective than IB HFA, Akron Children’s optimized their order sets in light of the new research. They also set up evidence-based pathways in Epic to guide clinicians in effectively providing standardized care to asthma patients.

In 2016, Akron Children’s spent more than $72,000 on IB HFA. After implementing their asthma care plan, they saved over $55,000 in medication costs with no increase in length of stay for asthma patients.

Akron Children’s Hospital achieved HIMSS Stage 7 for successes including their asthma care project.