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A Recipe for Success: Tracking Goals in Epic

Albertina Kerr helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their goals – including landing a dream job baking cookies

Albertina Kerr, a Portland, Oregon-based organization that empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and other social barriers to reach their full potential,  collaborated with Legacy Health to become the one of the first to use Epic’s new Coordinated Care Management application.

Albertina Kerr staff use Epic to track clients’ goals and barriers to reaching them, like lack of stable housing, transportation, or food. Staff work with clients while they’re on-the-go – at work, at the grocery store, and out in the community – so staff use Haiku on their phones to document progress in real time.

Ashley Call is a client at Albertina Kerr. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury, she moved into one of Kerr’s group homes and joined their Employment Services program. Call’s work goals are tracked in Epic so her group home caregivers can track her progress and and provide support. Having achieved her goal of relearning culinary skills, Call now has her dream job making cookies at a local bakery.

“Having Epic makes our clients’ goals easier to track and measure,” said one of the staff members for the program. “It’s improving the way we provide services.”

Albertina Kerr has rolled out this technology to 70 different locations across the state, including its residential group homes, and children’s, employment, art, and day services programs.

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