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Epic Outcomes

Rapid Response for Medication Recalls with Epic

SlicerDicer makes it simple and speedy to contact affected patients

When the FDA issued a recall for some valsartan products used to control blood pressure, Dr. Greg Jenkins from Baptist Medical Group in Memphis was able to identify all of his affected patients quickly using SlicerDicer, Epic’s self-service reporting tool.

“I was able to drill down and quickly generate a patient list of those taking valsartan and valsartan plus hydrochlorothiazide,” says Dr. Jenkins. “I used that list to send a single MyChart message to all potentially impacted patients. Instead of my staff attempting to reach them by phone, or waiting for them to hear about it on their own, I took care of it in minutes.”

In addition to notifying patients about drug recalls, clinicians can use SlicerDicer to investigate the effects of a medication across a population or let patients know about new information relevant to their health. For example, Baptist also uses SlicerDicer to prompt patients to schedule an office visit based on certain clinical criteria.

Read more about SlicerDicer and MyChart outreach in the Baptist Leader. Epic community members can read more about SlicerDicer on the UserWeb.