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Physicians Take Ownership of Improving Their Workflows

Nemours Children’s Health System helps physicians optimize common activities

Nemours Children’s Health System in Delaware created a program called Physician IT that empowers physicians to take part in refreshing their workflows in Epic.

Nemours physicians who are efficient in the system and have strong relationships with their peers provide input and help with enhancement efforts. They attend training at Epic and then return to observe their fellow physicians. They then work with the IT team to design workflows that improve efficiency and provide a better experience for clinicians. PhIT has helped Nemours discover build solutions they might not have otherwise found.

“It is so valuable to see the ‘aha’ moment when physicians are presented with more efficient workflows,” said Dr. Sara Slovin, a pediatric primary care physician and participant in the program. “Our goal is not to change the workflow completely, but to enhance it.”

Learn more about Nemours’ program at Healthcare Innovation.