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Patients Engage in Their Care with Epic’s MyChart Bedside

Tablets give hospital patients a way to interact with their chart

To help patients connect with their care and their care team, many Epic community members provide patients with MyChart Bedside on personal tablets. Bedside puts the chart in patients’ hands, giving them real-time access to lab results, medications, and treatment plans. Bedside goes beyond the chart as well. Patients can order meals, play games, or message the nursing staff from the comfort of their bed.

“Messages from patients—such as ‘I’m in pain’ or ‘I don’t understand my condition’—can help improve care by letting medical staff use them to assess the patients’ concerns,” said Janet Campbell, Epic’s vice president of patient experience.

Some Epic community members, such as NYU Langone Health and UC San Diego Health, have added large wall-mounted monitors to hospital rooms to show what’s on tablets. Patients can use the larger screen to review educational materials or access entertainment. For clinicians, the monitors provide a way to show patients a larger view of imaging results while discussing diagnoses and treatment.

Bedside’s range of features means patients can pick and choose what works best for them, which improves communication, raises patient satisfaction, and encourages patients to stay involved in their care after they go home from the hospital.

Read more about how patients interact with tablets in The Washington Post. Epic community members can learn more about MyChart Bedside on the UserWeb.