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The Epic Farm Is the Place To Be!

Located in the rolling farmland of Verona, Wisconsin, just outside of Madison, is our headquarters, home to nearly 9000 of our staff. Though our campus already seems large at first glance, we own much of the neighboring farmland as well–nearly 350 acres, initially bought by mistake!

After outgrowing our downtown Madison headquarters, we were looking for a new area to set up camp. We sent a group to check out Microsoft’s Red West campus in Seattle to figure how much land they used. Our group made a rough and quick estimate that they were on about 300 acres of land. When they came back to Madison the only plots of land that large were farmsteads. It turns out that Red West is only 30 acres, but no worries; local farmers use the rest of the land to grow corn and alfalfa and raise cows and goats.