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Epic Outcomes

Mobile Teamwork for Faster Bed Turnaround

Parkview Health uses Epic’s Rover and Secure Chat to connect clinicians and EVS staff

Environmental services co-workers are key members of the patient care team: they work to provide clean beds for patients and to keep patients safe from infections during hospital stays. By using Rover to facilitate communication between housekeeping staff and clinicians, Parkview Health has reduced turnaround time by 7 minutes per bed, so patients can be roomed sooner.

EVS co-workers access Epic through mobile phones and tablets to see when a bed is ready for cleaning and assign requests to themselves. They stay in sync with clinicians by sending secure chat messages in Epic, and clinicians can let EVS staff know right away when a patient is under precautions for infection and the room needs extra attention.

“Epic really brought our [EVS team] into the 21st century,” said Carin Steele, Parkview’s informatics analyst.

Parkview’s EVS team enjoys staying connected with the care team by using the same tools in Epic across the hospital, said environmental services supervisor Courtney Sheets. “Our staff chose to work in a hospital because it’s their way to make a difference,” Sheets said. “By improving our bed cleaning time, we can have a real impact on our patients.”

Epic community members can learn more about Parkview’s work from their XGM slides and audio, and read about EVS support in Rover on the UserWeb.