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Epic Outcomes

Mercy Takes Charging off the To-Do List

Building revenue generation into Epic’s clinical documentation tools

The revenue experts at Mercy Health in Ohio know that nurses and physicians provide important care to patients at their bedside, and charging was just one more thing for the nurses and physicians to remember.

Mercy automated revenue generation in Epic for bedside services such as line placements and blood draws, so now over 3,500 charges per month on average flow to Epic’s billing system based on nurse activities, compared to about 1,000 before the change. Gross revenue increased by about $1 million per month across Mercy’s health system. While nurses are documenting a procedure in a flowsheet, the charge is generated right away and nurses no longer need to manually enter it. Nurses and other hospital staff learned the process quickly without specialized training.

“This has been a great opportunity to automate processes for our nurses so they can spend more time at the bedside caring for the needs of the patients,” said Jodi Pahl, chief nursing executive for Mercy’s northern Ohio market.

Mercy Health won a HIMSS Davies Award in 2018 for this achievement. Read more from HIMSS.