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Local Farms and Epic: Two Peas in a Pod

Wisconsin farms and businesses fuel creativity and community through food

If you’ve ever visited Epic’s campus, you’ve enjoyed views of the beautiful Wisconsin countryside. But the farmland surrounding Epic is more than just picturesque. Local farms help fuel Epic’s thousands of staff and visitors, as well as the Madison area.

Fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables are grown right on Epic’s campus and Wisconsin products like dairy and honey reach Epic’s kitchens from as few as eight miles away. Our suppliers are committed to sustainable and humane business practices.

Each week, leftover food is donated to non-profit organizations that fight hunger and poverty in the Madison community and beyond. During the summer, Epic staff can reserve plots in a community garden on campus, pick up produce through partnerships with local farms, or purchase products from local vendors at a Tuesday morning farmer’s market.

Read more about some of the non-profit organizations working with Epic to benefit the Madison community here, here, and here.