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News From Epic

A Journal for the 21st Century: The Epic Health Research Network

The EHRN brings together healthcare professionals, researchers, and data scientists to publish early data-driven observations

New medical discoveries can take more than a decade to achieve widespread use. Faster ways to share information are needed. The Epic Health Research Network (EHRN) reduces the time it takes for healthcare professionals and researchers to share data-driven observations as well as new learnings about best practices.

“EHRN is a place to publish important healthcare learnings quickly,” said Ken Chang, Communications Director of EHRN. “This is especially important during a time of public health emergency.”

The first set of findings shared on EHRN cover topics such as medication efficacy for COVID-19, innovations in virtual monitoring of COVID-19 patients at home, and delays in cancer screenings during the pandemic.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to help healthcare professionals and researchers share their discoveries with the world,” said Judy Faulkner, CEO of Epic. “We have been interested in creating this site for years to share new knowledge. With the COVID-19 crisis, the need for fast dissemination of knowledge has become critical.”

EHRN ( has been established to serve the public by sharing new insights.