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Improving Patient Engagement Is a Community-Wide Effort in Central Norway

To achieve the nationwide goal of "one citizen—one record," Trondheim Kommune became the first organization in Norway to offer MyChart to its citizens. A dedicated team focused on user experience and worked with a group of seniors who help peers adopt new technology. Today, over 90,000 inhabitants use MyChart.

In 2012, the Norwegian Directorate for eHealth set a nationwide goal of “one citizen—one record” so that healthcare personnel and citizens would have simple and secure access to patient data for quality improvement, health monitoring, management, and research. In central Norway, Helse Midt-Norge is the state-owned organization that oversees hospitals operations in the region. Helse Midt-Norge partnered with Trondheim Kommune to form Helseplattformen, which is a regional healthcare IT service provider. Twenty-two additional municipalities have since joined Helseplattformen. Helseplattformen selected Epic to achieve the goal for each of its 720,000 inhabitants.

How They Did It

  • Gave Norwegians increased access to their health information with MyChart
  • Conducted MyChart usability testing with a team of local university students
  • Recruited seniors to help their peers learn how to use MyChart

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