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Epic Outcomes

Improved Breast Cancer Screening Rates for Early Detection

Stormont Vail Health uses Epic to keep patients up to date on preventive breast cancer screenings

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, but early detection is shown to improve outcomes. To catch breast cancer in its early stages, Stormont Vail Health used Epic to increase their mammogram completion rate by more than 7% after 6 months.

To identify patients who are due for a mammogram, Stormont Vail Health shows the nurse the date of the patient’s last mammogram in Epic and warns the nurse if the patient is overdue. The nurse can then schedule the appointment right then and there in Epic, so the patient doesn’t need to make an appointment separately.

Less than a year after implementing the workflow, Stormont Vail Health saw a significant increase in scheduled mammogram appointments, with a nearly 89% completion rate at their pilot clinic and similar results at other clinics.

Epic community members can learn more from Stormont Vail Health’s UGM presentation slides and audio.