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Hospitals Improve Patient Experience with MyChart Bedside

Mercy provides patients with personal tablets, helping them feel more informed and better connected to their medical team

St. Louis-based Mercy has put patients’ real-time medical information into their hands. After they’re admitted, patients can use MyChart Bedside on a tablet, providing them access to their latest lab results, a way to message their nurses and doctors, and clear, nontechnical explanations of their treatment.

Bedside has been a hit with patients, who like the convenience and independence of reviewing their own medical information during their stay. “We have instant access to important information for things we’re concerned about. Even with staff readily available to answer questions and to be there for [our child] at any time, the app provides added convenience,” said one NICU mom who used Bedside.

In a survey of patients who used Bedside, Mercy found that:

  • 83% agreed that Bedside helped them understand their medications and treatment.
  • 76% agreed that Bedside improved communication with their nurses and doctors.
  • 92% said they would like to use a tablet if hospitalized again.

Epic community members can view the UGM presentation for Mercy.