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Going Beyond Averages to Advance Health Equity

“Health equity requires getting underneath the data and saying, ‘If we do the same thing for everyone, is it really going to lead to an equitable outcome?’ That means not just looking at the data in averages. It’s important to build a culture that encourages examining how outcomes vary across patient populations. Clinicians need to be empowered to say, ‘I see our average compliance with this protocol is 70%. What does that look like for our rural patients vs. our urban patients? What does that look like for our patients who are African American vs. our patients who are Asian American?’ We’ve got to make it easier for our clinicians to ask the right questions and do the right thing.”

Read the full Perspectives piece from Sarah Krevans, former President and CEO, and Albert Chan, Vice President and Chief of Digital Health at Sutter Health, on EpicShare.