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Epic Outcomes

Giving Lactation Consultants More Time for Patient Care

WakeMed reduced time lactation consultants spent on documentation for new patients by 25% with Epic tools

Lactation consultants at WakeMed in North Carolina sometimes work with more than 50 new moms per shift, and they go wherever the mother and baby are, whether that’s the L&D unit or the ICU.

Using streamlined tools in Epic that include at-a-glance information for lactation consultants, WakeMed reduced the time lactation consultants spent on documentation by 25% for new patients, and lactation consultants who saw seven or more new patients during a shift spent nearly an hour less on documentation.

“All of the changes helped decrease the amount of time the lactation consultants spent at the computer, giving them more time with mother and infant,” said Noel Hammond, a clinical informatics specialist at WakeMed. “Though much of this is simple build, it made a huge impact for our lactation consultants.”

Epic community members can learn more from WakeMed’s XGM slides and audio on the UserWeb.