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Stories & Snapshots

Why We Do What We Do: A Fresh Perspective for a New Dad

Epic staff member Mark LeRoy appreciates the providers who cared for his newborn son

Mark LeRoy has worked with many healthcare organizations during his years at Epic, but he gained a new perspective during his most recent experience at a hospital, this time as the father of a patient. Mark’s newborn son, Simon, had complications that required a seven-week hospital stay. The providers caring for Simon left an impression on Mark.

“The doctors and nurses were laser-focused on Simon’s well-being,” Mark said. “Epic was in the background, alerting providers to what they needed to focus on. It was incredible to see the communication as Simon moved from the delivery room to the OR and the NICU.”

Mark and his wife, Catherine, watched as Simon underwent extensive treatment. Simon was transported by helicopter from the small hospital where he was born to a larger facility where he received specialized care for at-risk newborns. After weeks of tests and procedures, Simon was finally able to go home. He goes in for routine check-ups at a clinic that uses Care Everywhere to access the information from his hospital stay, providing continuity in his care.

“Now Simon’s off of oxygen and we’re weaning him off of his medications,” Mark said. “We’re so grateful that he’s a healthy little guy. Seeing what he went through and the incredible commitment of his treatment team just reinforces the importance of the work we do at Epic to support providers.”

“Why We Do What We Do” is a series of stories from Epic staff about how their work relates to their personal missions to help our community members serve their patients and transform healthcare delivery.

Photo: Mark and Catherine LeRoy with their dog, Jager, and son, Simon, who spent seven weeks in the hospital after he was born.