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Exploring Tech Frontiers with Epic Development Labs

Epic staff get time to investigate hunches and work on passion projects

Inventive ideas in tech often start when companies give staff space to flesh out their most creative ideas. With Epic Labs projects, software developers and staff in other technical roles can explore their ideas with dedicated time and resources.

“These projects give me the freedom and flexibility to pursue things that could be valuable to the codebase and end users, but might have been prioritized behind other features on the to-do list,” said software developer Tim Bahls. Tim has completed 28 Epic Labs projects—a company record.

Staff participating in Epic Labs have created notable innovations including the “Hey Epic!” voice assistant. Hey Epic! is designed to serve as a provider’s personal assistant, and will continue to expand so that in the future, providers can complete entire visits hands-free.

“Epic Labs are a blast,” Tim said. “It’s exciting to dedicate time to exploring and executing an idea that could make a big impact.”