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Early Identification of Cervical Cancer with Population Health Tools in Epic

Hawai’i Pacific Health increased preventive cancer screening that can save patients’ lives

The 5-year survival rate for cervical cancer detected at an early stage is 92%, compared with 56% if the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues or organs. Hawai’i Pacific Health implemented tools in Epic to improve their cancer screening rates and identify cancer early. Cervical cancer screening rates improved at all clinics—for example, Kaua’i Medical Clinic went from the 50th percentile to the 90th percentile of national screening rates.

Clinicians and patients receive reminders for cervical cancer screenings in Epic when patients meet the criteria for screening. Dashboards and reports show clinicians their patients’ care gap rates, such as due cervical cancer screenings, so they can schedule visits with those patients.

Hawai’i Pacific’s work to improve cervical cancer screening was part of a larger outpatient quality improvement initiative. The quality improvements earned Hawai’i Pacific $1 million in savings through population health agreements with payers.

Hawai’i Pacific received a HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award for their work on improving clinical value, including the increase in cervical cancer screening rates.