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Discrete Bone Marrow Transplant Data Improves Efficiency, Accuracy, and Automation

Duke improved the accuracy and efficiency of its bone marrow transplant documentation by moving from disparate systems and paper to a centralized set of tools in the EHR.

Duke University Hospital, an academic medical center with 69 oncology beds located in Durham, North Carolina, set itself up to save time and resources by using the EHR as the single source of truth for BMT data. By striving for fully discrete, not just electronic, information in Epic, and by working with the CIBMTR to automate some of the submission process, Duke has positioned itself on the cutting edge of BMT data interoperability. As the CIBMTR works toward its goal to automate data collection, Duke is ready to meet it with the required data already in hand.

 How They Did It:

  • Replaced home-grown databases, notes, paper, and SharePoint with Epic’s BMT tools
  • Connected directly to the CIBMTR app to begin automating some reporting
  • Replaced a PDF document with an interface to save key lab results

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