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Daily Health Management Made Simple with MyChart

MyChart Virtual Care puts Mayo Clinic guidance in patients’ hands

Patients being discharged from the hospital or managing a chronic condition such as diabetes have a lot to remember, from complex medication schedules to diet recommendations and future appointments. For those day-to-day tasks between visits or calls with a provider, a little help from MyChart and Mayo Clinic enables patients to track their progress, review helpful information, and stay healthier.

MyChart Virtual Care, an optional feature available with the latest Epic release, shows patients and their caregivers a personalized care plan developed by Mayo Clinic providers. The care plan is available from mobile phones, and anyone with access to it can check off daily to-dos or read educational information as they need it. Patients can even connect devices like digital scales to the app or send information from MyChart to their providers, giving them a single source of truth for managing chronic conditions or post-operative care. Mayo Clinic has so far contributed care plans to MyChart Virtual Care for conditions and care needs like congestive heart failure, asthma, and orthopedic surgery, with plans to develop many more.

“Mayo Clinic Care Plans deliver the most trusted content and guidance based on more than 150 years of medical practice,” says Dr. Steve Ommen, medical director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Connected Care. “The care plan, health information and patient education content from Mayo Clinic, and available through MyChart Virtual Care, is there to help… better manage one’s health [and] improve outcomes.”

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