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Closing Preventive Care Gaps and Improving Population Health with Automated Outreach

Healthcare organizations are using automated outreach to connect with patients with preventive care gaps. Scripps Health and the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System gave flu shots to tens of thousands more people; Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospital and Clinics provided pediatric immunizations to 1,000 kids; and UTHealth Houston helped prevent cancer by administering HPV vaccines to over 700 children and teens.

According to a report from the American Association for Cancer Research, 10 million cancer screenings were missed during the first few months of the pandemic. While there has not been an increase in the number of new cancer diagnoses or how advanced or severe those cancers were, it might take years to realize the impact of these missed screenings fully, especially for cancers with longer recommended intervals between screenings. Many organizations set out to close these gaps in preventive care by proactively reaching out to patients using automated digital communication.

How They Did It:

  • Used Epic’s Cheers to launch campaigns and close preventive care gaps
  • Offered self-service options in MyChart so patients could easily schedule recommended care
  • Tracked outreach success using dashboards and reports

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