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Care Everywhere in the Ambulance Eliminates Paper Notes

Carilion Clinic uses Epic’s Care Everywhere to receive information from EMS systems

When a patient arrives at Carilion Clinic in an ambulance, the care team doesn’t need to wait for paper notes from emergency medical services to be scanned into the patient’s record. Instead, information is available at their fingertips right away through Care Everywhere. Carilion has brought more than 30,190 EMS reports into Epic since February 2018.

Carilion Clinic uses Care Everywhere, Epic’s interoperability platform, to receive messages from EMS. When patients arrive in the ED in an ambulance, the care report from the EMS system is automatically matched with the patient’s record in Epic for a clinician to verify. By sending EMS information electronically, Carilion eliminated paper reports from multiple EMS agencies that were easy to misplace and weren’t available until they had been scanned into the patient’s chart.

“Ambulance companies no longer need to leave a paper report that needed to be scanned,” said Walt Fisher, an analyst at Carilion Clinic. “Clinicians just see the Care Everywhere icon right in the chart showing that the patient has a report pulled in.”

Epic community members can learn more from Carilion Clinic’s XGM slides and audio.