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Cool Things

C Is for Sepsis

Could a vitamin C infusion reduce sepsis mortality?

In an expedited study, researchers are testing whether vitamin C infusions, along with administrations of thiamine and steroids, could reduce sepsis mortality. To meet their aggressive goal of completing the clinical trial in one year, the researchers are recruiting at least 200 and up to 500 participants from 40 hospitals across the United States.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University designed the study, and researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center will process the data when it’s ready. They’re hoping for at least a 10% reduction in sepsis mortality.

Though that improvement might sound minimal, “10% would be massively important,” said Dr. Craig Coopersmith, a critical care doctor at Emory University. “Mortality from sepsis is higher than any other condition in the hospital.” Even a 10% drop in mortality could mean tens of thousands of people recovering from sepsis instead of dying from it in the U.S. every year.

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