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AUBMC Cares for Those Injured in the Wake of Explosions in Beirut

The American University of Beirut Medical Center meets multiple challenges in the aftermath of two catastrophic explosions in the city

On August 4, two explosions in Beirut killed more than 200 people, injured upward of 5,000, and damaged buildings within 5 miles of the blast site at the city’s port.

The nearby American University of Beirut Medical Center suffered structural damage but was still able to provide care. AUBMC immediately started taking in hundreds of those who were injured, as well as patients from other hospitals that were damaged in the explosion—all in the midst of a global pandemic.

Lebanon’s economy was already in crisis prior to the explosion, and most hospitals had very few backup supplies and medications on hand. Three other hospitals in Beirut were unable to continue to treat patients because of damage from the blast, and their patients are now being cared for at AUBMC. AUBMC also needs to repair an estimated $2 million in damage to their facilities. They are welcoming any monetary donations to help.

Contributions can be made to the AUBMC Disaster Response Fund, which is providing financial support to care for the patients impacted by the blast, getting supplies to clinicians, and helping AUBMC begin repairs.

“We are profoundly grateful for and appreciative of our staff, who have had a humane and exceptionally professional response during this challenge to our great city,” said Samir Alam, MD, AUBMC’s Chief of Staff. “I’m also thankful for our Epic community’s empathy and support during this crisis.”