Achieving Excellence in the Netherlands with Epic

The country’s HIMSS Stage 7 winners have Epic in common

A commitment to creating a seamless, safe healthcare experience using Epic sets Radboudumc and Ziekenhuis St Jansdal apart as the first two organizations to receive coveted HIMSS Stage 7 recognition in the Netherlands.

Both organizations use their Epic EHRs as the source of truth across the continuum of care. Radboudumc, for example, ensures medication accuracy with barcoded administration and integration with patient medical devices, and St Jansdal emphasizes the importance of patient-reported information through MyChart and MyChart Bedside.

Ziekenhuis St Jansdal became the second organization in the Netherlands to achieve HIMSS Stage 7 this year, and Radboudumc became the first organization in the Netherlands to revalidate Stage 7 certification, which it received in 2015.

Read more about Radboudumc and Ziekenhuis St Jansdal here, and the success of the Epic community as a whole in achieving HIMSS Stage 7 here.