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75,000 More Vaccinations with Help from Physician Builders

Physicians take best practices system-wide at Parkview

Physician builders—physicians with analyst-level EHR training—can quickly translate their clinical insights into in-system updates to improve patient care and provider satisfaction. At Parkview Health in Indiana, for example, physician builders used decision support to create comprehensive vaccine reminders. These reminders helped Parkview deliver 75,000 more vaccinations over the course of a year.

Results like Parkview’s point to the unique value physician builders bring to their organizations. Because physician builders are also subject matter experts in their own areas, they identify issues and come up with solutions that staff more removed from the day to day wouldn’t have found.

“I will forever keep this project in mind whenever anyone asks about ROI for physician builders,” said Dr. Mark Mabus, a family medicine doctor and physician builder at Parkview.

Thousands of clinicians across the Epic community have completed physician and clinical content builder classes, representing a broad spectrum of specialties, roles, skill sets, and responsibilities. Many Epic community members have created their own physician builder programs with help from these trained users.

Epic community members can read more about the physician builder program from other organizations in the Learn from the Best: Physician Builder Program document on the UserWeb or see the most common certification path for Physician Builder Certification in the Course Catalog.