Epic Goes Live in Saudi Arabia

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare recently became the first healthcare organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to go live on Epic.

“This is a landmark step toward achieving our vision, which is to be a regional leader in clinical outcomes and the advancement of health professions and marks a new era in healthcare at JHAH,” said JHAH CEO, Dr. Daniele Rigamonti.

The JHAH community has seen a significant response to the introduction of MyChart, Epic’s online patient portal, with over 36,000 patients already registered.

“I am extremely proud of my team and everyone at JHAH who has made Epic at JHAH a reality. I am excited about the healthcare opportunities that Epic provides and I am confident that it indeed signals a new era in healthcare at JHAH,” said Mahmoud al-Zaiyat, JHAH Chief Information Officer.

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The start of an Epic life! Abdulaziz, the first baby born in JHAH’s new era of Epic will have a great start to a healthy life as his entire medical history will be available to his caregivers for every hospital visit. It also makes life easier for his parents as they will be able to track and manage his healthcare using the MyChart patient portal.

The JHAH Epic go live project included:

  • 1,000 trained staff members on site for technical support at the moment of go live
  • 16,000 educational and hands-on training sessions conducted
  • 50,000 hours of Epic training delivered to JHAH staff

“It’s our first project in the Kingdom, and our teams were both very excited to go live. The JHAH team has been an impressive partner, very focused on making technology work for both the provider and the patient. We look forward to our continued partnership improving care and service to patients,” said Carl Dvorak, Epic President.

Learn more about JHAH’s successful go live here.