Teenagers + Health Technology = <3

Studies show technology can be good for teens

Despite ongoing chatter about how technology negatively impacts teenagers’ health, two recent studies in Brain Injury and the Journal of Adolescent Health indicate that teens’ use of health technology can actually have notable positive impacts.

Researchers at Epic community members The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center collaborated on a study that challenges the idea that screen technologies hamper concussion recovery. They built concussion recovery concepts into a mobile game that teens accessed on their phones. Their results show that the teens who played the game had a higher level of optimism and demonstrated faster recovery from their concussion symptoms than those who didn’t. In another study, researchers at the Marshall University School of Medicine used telehealth technology to educate rural high school students about reproductive health. Researchers measured both increased HPV vaccination rates and a high level of understanding of the topics students had been taught.

Read more about the former study here and the latter here.