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Epic and the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

Get the facts about Epic’s work with the USCG

      • October 2010: The Coast Guard purchased Epic’s ambulatory software, with a projected go-live in 2011. Epic implementations have an excellent record for going live on time. A typical implementation of this scope takes 12-15 months. Epic was in charge of leading the Epic software implementation; Leidos, selected by the USCG, was in charge of technical setup and the Storage Area Network (SAN).
      • 2011-2013: There were initial process delays of about a year for Coast Guard to obtain secure servers and then a year for reselection of lab and other vendors.
      • April 2014: Shortly before the system was to go live, the SAN, which held the software build, was corrupted. This had never before happened to an Epic install. Reconstruction of the software build, acquisition of new SAN servers and change of data center caused a 9 month delay.
      • January 2015: Shortly before the system was to go live the second time, the SAN was wiped. When Epic investigated, Leidos staff said it was accidentally wiped.
      • February 2015: As the project was ready to resume, the government did a study to validate if payments were being made from the right account, causing about a 6 month hold.
      • July 2015: Leidos won the DoD’s EHR procurement.
      • September 2015: As the system was scheduled to go live a third time, the Coast Guard informed Epic they would not continue the contract.

Epic’s work throughout was repeatedly rated “Exemplary” by the USCG in formal documented reviews. Epic fulfilled the terms of the agreement and provided the software and implementation services to meet the Epic obligations of the project. Epic was paid in full for the work done. The U.S. Government did not request any refund. The software was ready to go live.