Stanford Cuts Patient Registration Time 70% with Barcode Check-Ins

Patient Pass streamlines registration for patients with multiple appointments

When patients arrive at Stanford’s Neuroscience Health Center, they often have a full day of office visits, labs, and radiology appointments ahead of them. In the past, patients had to stand in line to register at the front desk for each of these appointments separately. But a streamlined check-in process is letting patients bypass the line—and cutting registration time by 70%.

When they check in for their first appointment of the day, patients receive a barcoded Patient Pass that’s good for the whole day. They scan the pass at a Welcome kiosk for each subsequent appointment, skipping the registration line altogether.

In addition to the registration time reduction, Patient Pass has helped Stanford surpass their goal of achieving an 80-point Press Ganey score for Courtesy of Registration Staff.

Epic community members can implement Patient Pass by downloading Stanford’s Financial Program here.