Tracking Alzheimer’s Data for Research and Risk Management

NorthShore University uses Epic data to identify patients at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease

Over the past few decades, researchers have identified many common risk factors that can double or halve a person’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Demetrius Maraganore, the medical director of Northshore University’s Neurological Institute, combined these known risk factors with the data from NorthShore’s Epic system to create an Alzheimer’s risk prediction model.

“We are using the data routinely captured by Epic to determine someone’s likelihood to be free of Alzheimer’s or their hazard of developing Alzheimer’s in the next five years,” explained Maraganore. “And we can assign a risk score to that person and decide what risk score sets off bells and whistles so that we should inform this person and their doctor that this person is at increased risk.”

Read more here. Epic community members can find NorthShore’s UGM and XGM presentations about their work developing other predictive models on the UserWeb.